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Jan 4, 2005 10:40 AM

short ribs recipe

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i keep reading all these posts that talk about this wonderful short rib recipe (braised with wine and tomato sauce) and i finally found the link but then it wouldn't work so could someone please repost it or send me to a link that works
thank you

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  1. This is from memory but I am pretty sure it's accurate...also it's hard to mess up. I've played around with the cooking time the amount of wine and the mustard and it always tastes great.

    4 lbs short ribs
    4 cups of wine
    3 tbsp whole grain mustard
    6 tomatoes sliced lengthwise
    10 shallots

    Boil wine and reduce to about 1 cup.
    In a seperate pot brown the short ribs in batches and then set aside.
    Brown the shallots in remaining fat from ribs
    Remove shallots and set aside.
    Add wine and mustard. Return short ribs to pot. Let simmer for about 1 hr 45min. Add tomatoes and browned shallots and cook for another 40 mintutes.

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      would that be same to "simple one with tomato paste?"

      1. re: ton casmo

        hmmm...I'm not sure. I haven't seen a thread with tomato paste. But this one is definitely simple.

      2. re: fatcat

        Oooohm, that reminds me of the small plate of sweet pork ribs at Amuse Cafe in Venice, CA.

        I wonder what sweet wine she uses and if she uses honey mustard.

        1. Here's the link to the original post. I made them (adding a few whole, peeled cloves of garlic) and loved them.