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Jan 4, 2005 07:28 AM

Use of clarified butter on general cooking (message inside)

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For those who use clarified butter on cooking; do you use it exclusively or in combination with other oils on a consistent basis? And what of the flavor - how does it compare to the regular butter? Does it add as much flavor to the dish as regular butter?

appreciate ur responses!

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  1. Hiya learner, we just want to save you a bit of trouble- it's not necessary for you to add "message inside" or "r/o" to your post titles. It's a standard convention here that people interested in the topics pretty much always open the post and read the content before replying (we know that's not the case on some boards.) So it's fine for you to give a brief summary of the topic you want to discuss in the posting title, and then go into detail in the message, with the expectation that people will be opening your post to read the rest of your thoughts. Thanks!