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Jan 3, 2005 06:16 PM

Suggestions for leftover overcooked steak

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Hello all,

We grilled steak for some friends last night. A lot of steak. Tragically, we left it on the grill too long and it's now a bit dry. And we have lots of leftovers, all sliced.

What might I do with it to make it palatable for tomorrow night's dinner? Maybe cooking it again in the slow cooker with some kind of wine/tomato combo to tenderize? Two restrictions--the dinner must be both gluten- and dairy-free.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Some ideas:

    1) Reheat the steak in an jus. It won't be as good but it will make it more edible.

    2) Use it is soup or stew. Just give it a bit of liquid to absorb.

    1. We had a dish in a cuban restaurant called fried cow, not sure what the exact recipe is, but it was delicious, the steak was shredded and crunchy, maybe you can go that route.

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        Your suggestion makes me think of Thai (or Issan) beef jerky, which I love. But have never made. I think it is marinated, dried in a low oven, then deep fried. And nicely spicy. Perhaps the over-cooked steaks can be marinated with a little oil, dried again to absorb the spices, and fried.

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        the food guy

        Throw it out or give it to the dog. Fried cow that someone suggested is meat that is braised, shredded and then crispened a bit in hot oil. I doubt that you can duplicate it with sliced overcooked meat. Perhaps you could chop it up and cook it in a pot of barbeque sauce. Yeah - that will work. Cook it slow until it's tender.

        1. Shred it and:

          - Simmer in beef gravy for hot beef over toast points, a la "diner" style

          - Make it a base for tacos, burritos or enchiladas, either simply mixed with refried beans and some appropriate spices or a tomato-based sauce

          Cube it and make:

          - hash

          - scrambled eggs?

          I realize none of these are particularly chowish recommendations, but any port in a storm will do with leftovers.

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          1. re: MkeLaurie

            Chop any cut of cooked beef coarsely in Cuisinart. Add salt, garlic powder, ketchup, and mayonnaise to make a good spreading consistency. Or add anything you like. Makes terrific sandwiches.

          2. I like to use it for Beef stroganoff.
            You can either use the store bought packs (Gasp!) or just make your own. Simmering the meat in the sauce will make it a little more tender.

            I ALWAYS have stroganoff the day after steak. My wife and Daughter leave plenty of leftovers!