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Jan 3, 2005 09:39 AM

leftover Paneer

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I have some leftover Paneer from a curry that I made last night. Does anyone have any quick/simple recipes that use paneer?

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  1. Or you can saute it up in a little ghee and freeze the cubes.

    1. I saw a tv chef (maybe Jaimie Oliver) sear paneer in a bit of oil with chilis. Then he topped it with lots of cilantro and some lime. It sounded good to me, but I never have leftover paneer :)

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        Simon Majumdar

        If I have paneer left over ( not that often, I will grant ) I like to make my version of a street snack

        Slice a red onion and place in a bowl of water Acidulated with some lemon juice for ten minutes.

        Fry some chopped garlic and red chilli in a little oil until soft

        Add 1/4 tspn each of chilli powder and ground cumin and cook for two mins ( or try other variations. Ginger/ground corriander, Fenugreek/Cinammon )

        add the paneer and warm through gently and then add some finely chopped corriander leaf.

        Dry fry a paratha or chapati on a griddle until warmed through.

        Place a good portion of the sauted paneer mix in the centre of the bread.

        Place a few slices of the red onion on top.

        Er, roll up and eat with some raita (yoghurt mixed with skinned de-seeded cucumber and chopped mint )


        1. One of my favorite paneer dishes is Saag Paneer (sort of like a gratin w/ spinach and paneer). I've linked a recipe that I just found online so can't vouch for it, but this should give you an idea. Best is to ask an Indian grandmother for a recipe, but if that's not possible, then Madhur Jaffrey will do.


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            Thanks for the suggestions. I used the recipe you linked to. It was quite good, but I cooked the spices for too long and lost a bit of the flavor. I added some corriander chutney to the dish and it was great.

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              Thanks for reporting back. I will keep the recipe in mind since it generally worked for you. Coriander chutney sounds like a great improvisation!