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Jan 3, 2005 12:50 AM

Reporting back on the Gaucamole

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Thanks to all for the good advice. Here's the result:

Made the Guacamole at about noon for an 8:00 PM party. My wife's family who are Mexican American are staunch believers in the put the pit in to keep it from turning brown, and I have always done that. So did it again (I mashed about 14-16 Avocados and put in 3 of the pits) I have also always put a lot of fresh lime juice in my gaucamole and did that, including loading up on the top of the guacamole. I also added a very small amount of the Fruit Fresh, which someone here on CH had recommended. It is basically powdered Vitamin C used for canning which prevents oxidation. Finally, I covered the guacamole with plastic wrap and made sure to try and get out all of the air. I then put on a second layer (I noticed that a poster later recommeded doing it; I did it just because I thought 2 is better than 1)Result: Brought out the gaucamole at 8 and it was as green as when I put it in the fridge and tasted just as fresh!

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  1. It's so great when someone reports back. It would appear that you did all of the suggested things and it came out just right. That, and I'm glad it worked for you, will not settle the debate. Sometime soon I will make a batch and try all of the recommendations indivisually. I will report back. Happy New Year.