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Jan 2, 2005 08:58 PM

Weird fumes from Breadman Ultimate-normal??

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So my brand new Breadman Ultimate bread machine is in the process of baking a loaf right now, and I'm noticing really strong fumes coming from it. It smells like burnt rubber.

Is this standard new appliance behavior?

I know my blender did this the first few times I used it, and wanted to know from other bread machine users if bread machines are the same way

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  1. k
    King Of Northern Blvd

    Recent posts say Kitchen Aid will smell like that but ignore it....I imagine it to be true with any appliance....It should go away after a few runs.

    1. Just think of it as the "new car smell" but at 350 degrees farenheit. If it is there after about 5 loaves, you may have a problem.