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Jan 2, 2005 07:38 PM

Calling Boston hounds! B-Side baked gouda

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I'm trying to recreate the yummy Baked Gouda from the B-Side Lounge. The menu description says "Baked Gouda in a skillet w/roasted garlic cream" I'm pretty certian it has shallots as well...Has anyone worked this one out yet? Any ideas?

I'll have one happy Boyfriend if I can figure this one out :)

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    Reared on Home Cookin

    I don't know the answer... it's weird, I have sort of a feeling of "vu", like I knew about this at one time, and only if I could "deja" it up for you again. I think I made something at home and thought to myself, "hey this is just like B-side's"... but it's all so foggy.

    What I would do is read up on how to make a fondue, then adjust. B-side's isn't so liquid, or smooth, and definitely less wine. But a fondue recipe would tell you how to get stuff mixed with cheese in a pleasing way. (Is it just melted? :) )

    Or, you could just ask'em. They might not consider it a trade secret, sort of a chef 101 dish.

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      I forgot I posted this!
      I agree that a fondue method might be the best way to start....I was paying too much attention to my boyfriend's claims that it was 'just cheese and onions'!
      subtly isn't his strong suit. I'm going to experiment this weekend :)