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Jan 2, 2005 07:01 PM

red lentils

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How are they different from the brown ones? I've never seen a red lentil soup, is there some reason why?

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  1. I believe that they are essentially the same and can be used interchangeably.

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      They break down faster than the regular brown lentils, so if you substitute them in a recipe that calls for brown lentils, it will take less time for them to cook.

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        Professor Salt

        This has also been my experience.

        Sandra - you tried my Indian lamb & lentil dish. That was made w/ red lentils, and they broke down completely. While the flavor was fine, I was shooting for lentils to remain intact, and should have used brown ones.

      2. Never seen red lentils used in soup; however, have eaten red lentil dal (an East Indian dish) made by a good friend's grandmother. It's really wonderful if you like Indian spicing.

        Searched for an online recipe by Madhur Jaffrey, and came upon the one linked below. Never had the sweet and sour version, but Jaffrey is a good source if you can find her cookbooks. I'd serve w/ an Indian bread (naan or chapati), curried cauliflower or green beans, raita (a yogurt condiment) for cooling properties. You won't miss the meat...


        1. Red lentils work better in a puree. Green/french lentils hold their shape best and work well in salads.

          1. I've seen lots of red lentils in soup. They break down almost completely and turn yellowish when cooked. Eat the thick puree with lots of lemon and some pita bread. Really good stuff for a cold winter's day.

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              Definitely love the lemon idea, also adding some fresh mint just before serving.

              You can find this soup regularly in Turkish restaurants, or do a search for Turkish Red Lentil Soup recipes. Good stuff!