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Dec 31, 2004 08:54 PM

Need Perfect New Potato Salad Recipe

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Hi everyone,
I have never made a standard American potato salad...the kind with lots of mayo and celery. Can someone please give me a great and easy recipe?
Thank you! Happy New Year!

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  1. i believe the classic american potato salad recipe is to be found on the back label of a jar of hellmans/best foods mayonnaise

    1. Here is the link to Best Foods/Hellman's web page. This is probably the recipe that you are looking for. I do this basic recipe, but I add chopped dill pickles and fresh dill, or dill weed to it. A couple hints, don't overcook your potatoes and I mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl, then fold in the cooked cubed potatoes. It holds together nicely and doesn't turn to mush if you do it that way. Now I have a craving for potato salad...maybe my diet will start tomorrow (smile) Happy New Years...Dawn


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        Chowpup makes a delicious potato salad following this receipe (but no olives). However she uses somewhat less mayonaise and adds half a cup or more of plain whipping cream to bind it - using her fingers. Its the height of luxury in taste!

      2. There are several things to consider and the first is how did your mother make it? Did she use waxy red skins or others of that type of potato or did she use drier russets? Or did you not lije potato salad the way it was made in your family. My DH did not care for it until I made it.

        I boil russets in their skins until fork tender. Drain and then peel while still hot. I break them up after peeling and season immediately with cider vinegar and salt and pepper and put them aside to cool while assembling the rest of the salad. I hard cook about 1 egg for each potato. Cool quickly and peel and chop add to the poataotes. Then add chopped onion, if you prefer a little lighter onion flavor soak the chopped onion in ice water for a bit. I also add chopped celery, green or red bell peppers and dill pickles. I usually add salad olives and black olives and then dress the whole thing with real mayo not Miracle Whip.

        Why the russets rather than new potatoes or other boilers? They are too waxy to absorb the vinegar and seasonings and while firmer in the salad, they give you a blander salad.

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          To me, it is SO important to sprinkle/drizzle the vinegar (well, I mix mine with a little oil first, vigorously with a fork) on the cut up potatoes while still hot/warm and toss very gently...this allows the vinegar to soak INTO the potatoes...THEN, when they are at room temp or even after chilled a bit, add your mayo/sour cream/miracle whip mixture...fresh finely chopped red onion, celery and fresh parsley go into ours, just personal preference. The Hellman's recipe says to mix the vinegar with the mayo...hmmmm, I guess I disagree.

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            I meant to say that I agree with Candy on this method of drizzling the vinegar on while the potatoes are still me, very important.

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              If you are going to serve it immediatedly, sure, but otherwise you are evaporating away the aromatics in the vinegar.

              Perhaps one could achieve a compromise by putting some vinegar on hot to get the effect you want, and adding more vinegar later when cold to perserve it the way I like.

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              I heartily concur on the theory about adding vinegar to the hot potatoes. The recipe on the Martha Stewart website is a good one.

            3. I have two tried and true recipes.
              The first
              6 large Russet potatoes cooked in their skins, cooled just slightly then peeled and cubed
              1 medium onion diced then covered with juice of jarred dill pickles (juice can be put back in jar after use)
              1 bottle Italian dressing (Wishbone)
              Mayonnaise to taste
              When the potatoes are peeled and diced, pour the Italian dressing over the warm potatoes and let them sit for about one hour to absorb the falvors
              Let the onions sit in the pickle juice at least one hour to absorb the flavor of the pickle juice. When ready to use, drain the juice and put the onions in with seasoned potatoes
              Add enough mayonaise to make a creamy consistency and serve either warm or cold

              Red Potato Salad

              6 to 8 large red potatoes
              4 green onions sliced
              1 Tbsp dried dill weed
              1 package Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing made according to package directions

              Cook potatoes with skin on. Dice when slightly cooled.
              Add green onions, dill weed and dressing.
              Serve cold or at room temperature