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Dec 31, 2004 09:13 AM

Roasting mushrooms

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I'm making a simple dish of roasted mushrooms with thyme and truffle oil. I am using shitake, maitake, and chanterelle. Should I cook them all together for the same amount of time, or will the maitakes be overcooked by the time the shitakes are done?

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  1. i always do the thickest and meatiest first and then add the more delicate choices....

    1. For ease in cooking and eating, I would either halve or quarter the larger mushrooms (whatever is needed) so that everything is roughly the same size. I'd be inclined to saute them on the stovetop (rather than roasting in oven) in butter, olive oil, S&P, and thyme. If you want it more saucey, you can deglaze w/ white wine or dry sherry. Finish w/ finely-chopped fresh parsley and that truffle oil. Mmmmmm...