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Dec 31, 2004 08:58 AM

Stove recommendations

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I'm looking to buy a new gas stove. Any suggestions?
I am considering the gas burners/electric oven too as I've heard the electric oven cooks better than the gas.
Is this true? What was important to you when purchasing a stove? Thanks for your help/input.

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  1. I prefer all gas to combo, but I realize others differ. I prefer the quickness of response of gas for things when you open the oven somewhat frequently, and gas is a bit less dry. Finally a gas broiler beats an electric hands down.

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      The negative thing about gas ovens is that they are not precise with the temperature. I use an oven thermometer to make sure when I'm cooking, and it's off by 50 degrees sometimes.
      The repairman told me that is normal.

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        Electric ovens as well; just had the experience at my parents -- 75 degrees off for a while, then down to 25 after than.

      2. re: Karl S.

        Karl, Dacor makes the best of both worlds. We purchased the Dacor Epicure range which has gas cook top, electric oven, but gas ceramic broiler. Truly a wonderful range and a source of joy to cook with.

      3. We replaced an all-gas range with a dual fuel last year, and I really like the electric ovens and broiler. I don't particularly notice a difference in the time it takes the ovens to come up to (or back up to) temperature, and in my case the electric broiler is much stronger than the gas broiler I had - which may explain in part why I had to have new 100-amp circuit installed just for the range. (we went from a near top-of-the-line GE profile with a 48" professional Thermador)

        1. After doing much research, I purchased a Kenmore Triple Task stove last August. Never having bought any Sears products before I was really leary. I have to say it's a truly wonderful stove. Has 2 high power burners (gas) for stir fry's etc. and a really low, low simmer burner for a true simmer. I cook a lot, so those were two very important features for me. One of the best features is the fact that this stove has both a gas oven and an electic oven drawer, which can be used to cook up to 425 degrees, used as a warmning oven, proofing oven,etc. This worked great for the past holiday season when it seems you always need more oven space. The range has lots of other features as well--give it a look, I think you'll be surprised at all it has to offer-at such a reasonable price. Please let us know what you decide!

          1. I just bought a Blue Star all gas- They used to make Garland residential stoves. I can go on and on, but a better place to get some great input is a blog called and then click on Appliances.It is a fabulous blog. It was most useful for the pros and cons on many stoves etc. There are many other sections also.

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              La Dolce Vita

              Gas burners for the range are far better than electric, as you probably know.

              Regarding the oven, the single most important feature for me is whether it can do a holding temperature of 140 degrees. I use the holding temperature all the time when I need to keep meat or chicken or casseroles hot while waiting to serve (and sometimes the wait is long!). At 140, you can hold foods for several hours without worrying about bacterial growth, but the temperature is also low enough that the food doesn't continue to cook. My oven, which is a Maytag "Super Capacity Plus" can go down to 100 degrees. I use 100 degress to speed the proofing of bread dough when I'm pressed for time.

              On the negative side, I have collected a number of big pots and pans over the years that measure at least 14 inches in diameter. My range top can't accomodate two 14-inch pots unless I arrange them diagonally. Sometimes, in the heat of a big cooking project, I pine for a commercial-size stove. I'd also love a second oven to keep stuff warm while I'm still roasting. Ah, I could keep dreaming about the perfect kitchen, so let me stop here.

              Good luck on your stove purchase.