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Dec 30, 2004 07:49 PM

Canning Supplies: Mason Jars

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Where is the best place to get Mason jars? Hardware store? (I know Home Depot doesn't list it online). Supermarket?

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  1. Supermarkets carry canning supplies during summer and autumn but (unless you live where there is a year-long growing season) probably not otherwise. I see them year-round at my local restaurant-and-caterers supply place. If you don't see them on the shelf at a hardware store ask the manager if he has some in the back room. If you buy jars new you have to buy a dozen so if you need just a few, check any thrift shop. Just make sure there aren't any chips in them, put them through the dishwasher, and buy new lids.

    1. If you want to buy them on-line, Google "mason jars" and you'll get a ton of hits. Here's one:


      1. If you live in California, they're available now at Safeway and Albertsons.

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        1. Agway always has them, if you have one near you.

          1. I just bought some attractive canning jars from Specialty Bottles on-line. I didn't like what I was seeing in the stores - especially since they were so expensive (I was looking for more decorative jars than Mason for Christmas presents)! Even with shipping this place was much cheaper than the choices I found at places like cost plus or sur la table.

            I got the 4oz hexagonal jars and they worked perfectly for marmalade. Any jars with gold lids are good for home canning.


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              Second the rec. I get 10-oz. hex jars from them by the gross. (I do a lot of canning).

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                I've seen those and I love them, but can you process the lids effectively and successfully? I've canned extensively, but only with the standard mason ring/lid configuration.