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Canning Supplies: Mason Jars

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Where is the best place to get Mason jars? Hardware store? (I know Home Depot doesn't list it online). Supermarket?

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  1. Supermarkets carry canning supplies during summer and autumn but (unless you live where there is a year-long growing season) probably not otherwise. I see them year-round at my local restaurant-and-caterers supply place. If you don't see them on the shelf at a hardware store ask the manager if he has some in the back room. If you buy jars new you have to buy a dozen so if you need just a few, check any thrift shop. Just make sure there aren't any chips in them, put them through the dishwasher, and buy new lids.

    1. If you want to buy them on-line, Google "mason jars" and you'll get a ton of hits. Here's one:

      Link: http://www.quickship.com

      1. If you live in California, they're available now at Safeway and Albertsons.

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        1. Agway always has them, if you have one near you.

          1. I just bought some attractive canning jars from Specialty Bottles on-line. I didn't like what I was seeing in the stores - especially since they were so expensive (I was looking for more decorative jars than Mason for Christmas presents)! Even with shipping this place was much cheaper than the choices I found at places like cost plus or sur la table.

            I got the 4oz hexagonal jars and they worked perfectly for marmalade. Any jars with gold lids are good for home canning.

            Link: http://www.specialtybottle.com/

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              Second the rec. I get 10-oz. hex jars from them by the gross. (I do a lot of canning).

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                I've seen those and I love them, but can you process the lids effectively and successfully? I've canned extensively, but only with the standard mason ring/lid configuration.

              2. Since you mentioned hardware stores -- I saw them recently at my local Ace-affiliated hardware store.

                My experience with Ace has also been that if they don't have an item in stock, but it's available from their local Ace distribution center, you can ask them to order it for you and pick it up at the store, saving on shipping charges.

                1. Hi,

                  I have bought most of my canning jars at church rummage sales for 10 cents each. I check for cracks in the jars or chips on the edges of the mouth.

                  In a pinch, I will buy jars new from Odd Lots/Big Lots, which sells the Golden Harvest line of mason jars during the summer or until stock runs out. Do note there is only one producer of mason jars in the United States: Ball via their mothership company Alltrista (now Jarden Corp.). They own Kerr and they now own Harvest. Since the Golden Harvest acquisition, the cost of their jars, the lowest I found in the market place, have gone up.

                  I also received a number of jars from people retiring from canning. I was a volunteer Master Food Preserver for U of Illinis Extension for a number of years.

                  My quart jars mostly stay with me. It is the pint and jelly jars which I need to constantly replenish.

                  I do come across a number of the blue jars and zinc lids. I buy these when they are cheap and use them for storage of beans, spices, baking soda, ect.


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                    AGM/Cape Cod

                    I think the availability of canning jars is also dependent on where you are in the country. Here they are available in the summer months with sales (yea, $.25 off a case whop de do!) in June. By September, when my garden is kicking off cases of tomatoes and gallons of raspberries, I can only find quart jars. I give about 15 cases away every year and tell people that if they return the jars they will get refills-some people do religiously, some people don't. Another source of odd sized jars (not quite a quart and not quite a pint) are your friends, neighbors and relatives who buy the Classico and other brands of bottle tomato sauces. I tell people as long as it says Mason on the jar I am interested. One day we all should start a 'what do you can' thread. Most people here think I am nuts-until I give them a jar.

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                      I have a friend who cans a lot of jams and salsas. She tells her friends, if the jars are returned, then they will be gifted with more. Unsaid: if they don't return, the gift stops here.

                      You can use mayonnaise jars, but they are thinner walled than canning jars and cannot take rough handling. If they are used, it is for water bath canning only, not pressure canning. If they are used, these are the jars I give away because their return isn't expected.


                    2. Walmart carries them also, but usually in season. Mine will be getting them back in after the holidays. They are Kerr jars and are at least $1-2 cheaper than the supermarkets or Smart and Final.

                      1. I mainly make jams/jellies in pint jars, and other things in my quart jars. I started buying the classico jars about 4 yrs ago and they work great. I have picked up most of my
                        jars at garage sales and most of my pints I buy from the local super market new.
                        Save-mart has them, smart-final, wal-mart, K-mart check you classifieds in you news

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                          LOVE those Classico Jars !!!! I think the contents of these jars are just about the best to be gotten in commercial spaghetti sauces....and the jars are so useful. The regular 2 piece canning lids that canning suppliers sell fit the jars perfectly!

                          Even the lids that come along with these jars are useful. Not for regular canning and processing, but they do give a tight seal when you put warm left-overs into jars to be saved in the fridge.

                        2. Oddlots carries mason jars for just $6.50 a dozen, the best deal around I've found. The ones in the gorceries are a great deal more expensive.

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                            On the west coast, I find them in Osh (hardware store) where they are cheapest unless Big Lots/Pic N Sav has them - then they are cheapest there. You can also order them online at Kitchenkrafts.com - along with a plethora of other canning items.

                          2. Goodwill....cheap, cheap. Like others recommend, just check to make sure the tops of the jars aren't chipped. Off season is the best time to find them if you can wait!