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Dec 30, 2004 06:24 PM

White Truffle Recipe?

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I spontaneously bought a white truffle yesterday and don't know the best preparation for it. I'd appreciate any suggestions!!

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  1. It is a finishing ingredient. You need a fine grater/shaver (to cut verrrry thin slices).

    It is most appropriately served on hot cheese dishes or scrambled eggs. In other words, heat and fat. The thin slices and the heat and fat provide the prized aroma.

    My quality test is to prepare Stouffers Mac & Cheese and shave it on top at the table. Ideally it should always be grated/shaved on the finished dish at the table.

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      Just checking: are you being serious about the Stouffer's mac n' cheese?? I'm no truffle expert, but can't imagine that that would be the best way to enjoy fresh truffles...or mac n' cheese for that matter.

      Never have had the pleasure of tasting fresh truffles myself (only infused in oil), but have heard that it's best shaved over freshly-made pasta w/ S&P and enriched w/ a bit of olive oil and maybe an egg. Hope the OP's nugget is fresh and aromatic, as it seems like quality can def. vary.

    2. I had a white truffle risotto at a restaurant in St. Louis a couple months ago that may well rank as the single best dish I have ever eaten in any restaurant anywhere. I don't have a recipe for you, but at the time I was guessing it was simply a basic risotto that they had shaved the truffle into at or near the end of the cooking.

      There's also a classic Italian recipe, from Bologna I believe, that combines white truffle with turkey cutlets, of all things. I made it many years ago, which was the last time I had access to a fresh white truffle, and it was excellent.