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Dec 29, 2004 08:57 PM

Craving for chopped chicken livers

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Yesterday I had this enormous craving for chopped chicken liver. I live in south Orange County, Ca. which is not a mecca for buying it already made. So I decided I would make it myself. I grew up on this from my Irish mother and English father who loved it. I purchased the ingredients at the local super market. One pound chicken livers, a loaf of New York rye (the best they had) and I already had kosher pickles, Bubbies and TJ's. I sauteed 2 small onions and then added the chicken livers in canola oil. My mother always used chicken fat which I didn't have. I boiled 3 eggs until hard boiled. I then chilled both the livers and onions until they were very cold. I put all, including the eggs in the cuisinart and added salt and pepper. It turned out very well and I was in total bliss, disregarding cholestrol problems. Now, my question is what could I have done to make it even better? I was only using my memory of long ago when my mother made it. Any help will be appreciated because I want to make this again when I have the craving of one of my favorites. Now about the cholesterol, maybe next year.........

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  1. Make it with chicken fat. Your mom knew what she was doing. If you don't have any, you can buy it in a jar.

      1. you have to use chicken fat, which is easily rendered from the fat of a chicken. i just take the raw chicken fat and start slowly cooking it at medium-low heat, until all of the fat is rendered. then i just chill it and keep it airtight in the fridge, use it as a recipe requires. you also could freeze it. the chicken fat that is.

        1. Oy weh! Such a tsimmis you're making! ...and you're claiming that your Irish mother made this? Get yourself a copy of "Jewish Cooking in America" by Joan Nathan. Try it, you'll like it! It has a great chopped chicken liver recipe in it.

          Forget the schmaltz, use good extra virgin olive oil...yeah, the Jewish people use olive oil. What do you think burned in the Temple for 8 days? Besides, my wife is of Italian heritage. Also, saute 1/4 of a green bell pepper that has been diced with the onion.

          Now, don't process it so fine that it looks like gruel. I use a dough cutter to chop the cooked ingredients in a 3-quart tall-sided saucepan. The result is that one can still see bits of chicken liver and egg white, and it looks rustic like it would have 5765 years ago, the beginning of creation.

          Now I've done it...I gotta run out and get some chicken livers...

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            Chili Dude...I have an Italian wife too. What to the goyum know! You need schmaltz Bro! Sadly, my Mom has relented to the neurosis that is "fat" today.

            Unlike my Grandmother who would never think to use anything but chicken fat, Mom now uses mayo! It's sacreligious! So, now I wait to visit a Jewish deli and get the real deal.

            1. re: Chuck

              Who do you know that renders schmaltz these days? BTW, olive oil is not quite as deadly as schmaltz.

            2. re: ChiliDude

              Olive oil? Green pepper? Feh. It may be tasty but it is not chopped liver. That's some fancy-ass pate you've got going there. Do you serve it with a nice hot fudge sauce?

              1. re: bryan

                Try it, you'll like it. Hold the fudge sauce!

            3. maybe a shot of brandy? I've made chicken liver pate basically the same way you are describing, and the added "edge" that alchol brings really cuts the fattiness and makes the pate stands out.