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Dec 29, 2004 06:46 PM

Help me with Mayordomo Mole preparation!

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I recently bought two jars of Mayordomo Mole: rojo and negro.

Their website has a very simple recipe: fry up the mole to release flavors, add tomato sauce, add chicken broth, simmer, serve.

Does anyone have additional advice or a better recipe? I'm looking to pour this over roast chicken and tamales, and i love thick, dark, black, chocolatey mole.

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  1. While I haven't tried the Mayordomo moles, I have used their chocolates (mostly in baking) and like them alot. They are far and away superior to the more readily available Ibarra or Abuelita brands here in the U.S. If you haven't tried the mole pastes yet how do you know you need to augment, modify or otherwise tinker with them? Mole pastes are widely available all over Mexico and used pretty much "as is" because part of their purpose is to simplify the mole process and make it less labor intensive.

    I'd suggest you take a small amount of the mole negro, fry it off, add a dab of tomato sauce, some chicken stock and cook down for the consistency you want. Then try it with something (like a small, leftover piece of meat, or rice). This should allow you to see if you like the flavor profile or not. If you don't, then change it to suit your taste. Here are some of the typical ingredients in mole negro that you might want to add (or not) to get what you want:
    - raisins, ground
    - sesame seeds, ground
    - cloves, allspice and/or canela, ground
    - almonds, ground
    - onion, but very little garlic
    - tomatillo
    - chile seeds, burned off to release the volatile oils
    - oregano, bay leaf, thyme, marjorum
    - sugar
    - salt, and remember chiles LOVE salt

    Good luck. With moles and pipianes the sauce is the star not the protein.

    1. what is their website address??? thanks

      1. Hi - I'm trying to get a source for Mayordomo mole negro, and I see by this message board that you have their web site address. Would you please share that with me?


        Fran Larsen

        1. The recipe in their web page is perfect. I always prepare it that way and is always an absolute success . Try to get nice tomatoes. In my opinion it is important to make the sauce with tender loving care. First cut very fine some garlic and onion and fry it with very little oil. Once they are transperent and nice, add the chopped tomatoes and season with sal and pepper. Use the broth from cooking the chicken. I can not imagine any better way.