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Dec 29, 2004 06:15 PM

Cuisinart DLC-X

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I have a 20+ year old DLC-X food processor. When I first got it, I was doing some catering and really gave it a workout. Over time, some of the plastic parts have cracked, pieces have snapped off, etc. The motor still works fine, but the top and sleeve, and maybe even the bowl, probably need to be replaced. Is it worth replacing these parts, or should I just get a whole new machine? FYI, I don't need the huge capacity X machine any longer--are Cuisinart products still good? If so, which of the current models would you recommend?

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  1. I was in your situation earlier this year. The lid part with the feed chute broke right where it activates the motor. I, too, wondered if it was worth finding a new one. My machine was about the same age as yours and I think I even had the same model.

    I lucked into a Kitchenaid sale and broke down and bought a new food processor. I'm glad I did, it got a good workout over Christmas and certainly lightened my holiday baking load. My Cuisinart still worked great before the lid broke, but the Kitchenaid works a little better and a little faster, pluse it had the small workbowl inset which I found really handy.

    Had I not had the sale option on the Kitchenaid I probably would have eventually gone ahead and purchased another Cuisinart, they're still very good at what they do.

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      ....on models of that vintage (mine is about the age of yours) have a lifetime warranty. Write to Cuisinart about a replacement. The motors in the ones made today are far inferior to yours, which has a 30-year warranty. Be insistent. Those features were some of the main selling points, and buying a new after-market bowl for an X is expensive and difficult.

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        Thanks for the info -- I had a suspicion that the motors of newer models might not be comparable to those old workhorses.

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        Bridget Brumfield

        I could not get on your e-mail screen so I am asking if you have a DLC 7P cusinart bowl. If so, I would like to purchase it. Please reply and tell me how to charge this part.

        Thanking you in advance for replying.