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Dec 29, 2004 04:31 PM

Seeking a buttery/floury/macaroon-like recipe

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So I'm trying to re-create a coconut favorite from a San Francisco bakery, but can't seem to get the center right. It's basically a puff pastry in a cupcake shape, with a rounded scoop of macaroon-like filling. The top seems to be crusted with sugar and torched (creme brulee style) so the top is crispy and the middle is soft.

The filling of is definitely a derivative of a coconut macaroon. However, it is denser, and seems to have egg yolk, butter, and/or flour. I tried a basic coconut flake/egg white/sugar macaroon, and it came out too fluffy (but delicious!).

does anyone know a good, buttery, chewy coconut cookie recipe? I bet I could get close to the original with a few pointers.

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