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Dec 29, 2004 11:23 AM

modifying chocolate cake recipe ISO advice

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I'm planning on making the epicurious chocolate cake recipe that has received many raves here (please see link...).

However, I don't have and don't wish to purchase 10" cake pans. I do have three 9" cake pans. Can I use the batter in three 9" pans? Any recs on modifying cooking time or temp as a result?

Any advice appreciated!



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  1. I've made this batter in three 9 inch pans many times, it works well. I think the layers take about 45 minutes to bake, the time varies though. As soon as a skewer comes out clean and the top looks set, I take them out.

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      I, too, have made the cake in 9" definitely need 3 of them...this is an enormous and outrageously delicious dark chocolate cake, the ULTIMATE, in my opinion.

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        Your raves were part of my decision to make this cake. I'm thinking about making a coffee buttercream to use as filling between layers and frosting with the ganache. As somebody who has made this before, do you think that would work ok?


        1. re: Smokey

          I've never made it with a coffee buttercream but have made it a few times with the Milk Chocolate Caramel frosting from the Epicurious site, another opion to consider.

          Many people who have tasted it with that icing have remarked that it's the best cake they've ever had.

          1. re: Smokey

            I'm sure the butter cream filling would work okay, but the beauty of this cake is it's extreme chocolatey-ness. I've made it several times following the recipe exactly (with exception to substituting 9 inch pans for the 10 inch pans), and it's wonderful just as it is.

            1. re: Smokey

              Definitely, your coffee buttercream filling would be luscious, I think. Hope you love it and "wow" your family/guests.