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Damn. Tilapia at $10 a pound!!!!

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Wow. went into a Whole Foods in Manhattan to buy some fish. I was startled to find they had tilapia priced at $9.99 a pound. I've never paid more than $5.99 before and it's usually $4.99. Hell, it's all farm raised. Is this the situation around the rest of the country????

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  1. Cheap in Florida...Like $3.99 a lb I am not a fish eater..Only the expensive stuff...Shell Fish. But, my wife eats fish...She hates this one though.

    Did you guys know they love very warm water.

    1. $1.50/lb in Los Angeles and I think it's usually $1/lb

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        I have a very hard time believing fresh tilapia sells for $1 per pound.

        1. re: Pete

          Tilapia is generally about $10 at WF in LA. Maybe $7-8 at Santa Monica Seafood.

          I can't imagine where it is $1/pd.

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            At 99 Ranch... Last week they had a special, $0.89 per/lb but no fry service. For fry service, $1.99/lb. And the ones swimming in the tank that they will fish out for you, I think were $4.99/lb...


            1. re: Dommy!

              Yup, 99 Ranch had Talapia on sale for under a $1 the other week!

              Asian markets in general always have the best prices on seafood. It's usually very fresh because Asian folk like they self some seafood and the turn over is pretty quick.

              The Lion market chain had it for about $1.50 a pound, whole fish mind you. AND they do the gutting, de-scaling and deep frying at no extra charge. Quick, cheap hot meal & no fried fish smell in your house!

      2. Go to Chinatown! I was there yesterday and recall thinking how cheap it was, but I can't remember the exact price. In any case, much less than $10/lb.

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          True. I make the Chinatown trip when buying a lot of food (doing dinner for 20 for NY's Eve, so I'll be down to chrystie street...cod poached in coconut milk, chiles and ginger, I think). I was just picking up fish for 2 after work, so I couldn't make that trip.

        2. No, it must be their holiday special price. It's selling for around $5 as of last week.

          1. 1. You're in Manhattan
            2. You went to Whole Foods
            You will pay more.

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            1. re: Ellen

              3. It was Christmas weekend. Everybody bumps up fish prices for Christmas Eve.

              1. re: drew

                Mostly (2). I only go in there when I need a good chuckle (starting off with WS for the opening act.) It's kinda like surfing Ebay to see what crazy prices some people will pay for stuff. :))

                Next time, try Chinatown. You can buy 'em live and have 'em cleaned right there for a whole lot less than what WF is apparently charging.

            2. So I guess y'all don't wanna hear that yesterday I bought 15 whole frozen Tilapia for 6 dollars total. Canadian. I guess it must be gaining popularity in some areas, hence the jump in price...happens with all the formerly cheap good stuff eventually. Someone decides it's 'trendy' and that's that for that - price shoots up, can't find it anymore and it's on to the next thing.

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              1. re: Cyndy

                I think "frozen" is the key word. You always pay more for fresh (or previously frozen) fish.

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                bay area girl

                I just paid $1.49 for Talipia at Lion market last week in San Jose. It's usually never more than $4 over here in CA. I've even seen it in bulk at Costco, but they're in fillets.

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                  Eldon Kreider

                  In Chicago Mexican-oriented markets usually have fresh, whole tilapia for $1.49 to $1.99 per pound. I hate to think what Whole Foods charges, though.

                  Tilapia is easily farmed in tanks with grain-based feed. They breed extremely prolificly from a few months of age, so meeting demand shouldn't be an issue. Because tilapia die at water temperatures in the mid to low 50s F, farming is in warmer climates or indoor tanks.

                  1. People, he seems to be asking about filets, not whole fish. He is also asking about fresh, not frozen fish.

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                    1. re: Charlie
                      Eldon Kreider

                      The Mexican and Asian markets with which I am familiar have fresh tilapia and fillet for little or no charge. You are still under $3/lb. for fillets.

                      1. re: Eldon Kreider

                        No charge? Are we supposed to take this seriously?

                        1. re: Charlie

                          He's saying the markets will fillet the whole fish at little to no ADDITIONAL charge. The whole thing still is around $3/pound for fillets for this person.

                          Personally, I just now paid $4.99/pound for fresh filets in the Boston area

                    2. My first reaction to your post was astonishment that WholeFoods was selling anything for as little as $10 lb...have you tried farmed catfish, which in Chicago I am getting in filet for $4 lb? Catfish is the fish for people who hate the fishy taste of fish. It is 100% sweet, NO fishy taste at all, and has no nasty scales since it's been skinned. I have never encountered a single bone in catfish filet. It's so sweet that it pairs well with an assertive sauce like sweet-and-sour pineapple or spicy fresh salsa. Also, if you just roll it in bread crumbs and bake it in a 425* oven you will get an oven-fried result with crunch on the edges, a no-additional-fat way of doing.

                      1. nope...4.99 lb..very close to nyc...didnt you expect to pay top dollar at whole foods nyc??