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Dec 27, 2004 06:01 PM

Abundant turkey stock

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After my 30 lb free range bird was ravaged over thanksgiving, it is now time to do something with the rich turkey stock I simmered all day yesterday. Suggestions? Our usual split pea soup seems too heavy right now.

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  1. I've been making a lot more turkey, and therefore a lot more turkey stock, the last year or so. What I've been doing with the stock is making stratiatelle soup; but rather than using chicken stock, I make it with turkey, and it is great!! Also only takes 5 or 10 minutes.

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      Is that the classic Italian blend or infused with the Chinese or LaLanne style?

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        Thanks for all of your help! Yesterday I made a risotto with turkey broth and mushrooms, it was great. It will be a light soup today, and the rest is frozen in baggies. Thanks for your suggestions!

    2. Have some fun and use the turkey stock in things you would not usually associate with turkey. Turkey risotto; why not? Turkey scrapple? Sounds like a good way to use up the meat scraps that are not fit for sandwiches or turkey ala king. Treat the stock like a toy you got for Christmas, play with it.

      1. Pot Pie
        Pot Pie
        Soups GALORE!

        1. Two people suggested risotto. That was my suggestion as well. It is a two-pot meal, one for the hot broth and the other for the risotto. There are so many options as to included ingredients. Arborio rice or one of the other short-grained rices is a must. The soffritto is easy. I grate the carrot instead of dicing it. The onion and celery can be a rough dice. Do not mince the garlic so that people who do not wish to eat it can pick it out. Petite peas and bits of cooked poultry can be added near the end of the cooking process. Be careful of the seasoning. I once added too much Italian seasoning (the 6 dried-herbs kind sold already mixed) and it overpowered the risotto.

          Buon Appetito e Nuovo Anno Felice!

          Yes, my genes are not from Italy.

          1. Freeze some of it and save for a culinary "rainy day."

            When faced with a similar situation, we made a pot of soup but had plenty of stock left over.

            So we skimmed and strained the leftover rich stock, then put it in the freezer in quart-sized plastic takeout containers.

            A quart of stock is just the right amount for

            -- cooking pots of rice
            -- or beans or lentils or (fill in the blank here)
            -- or making an impromptu gravy


            As for the leftover meat that you probably picked off the carcas... chop some celery and sweet onion, add a little mayo, and presto! Turkey salad sandwiches.

            - er