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Dec 27, 2004 01:27 PM

Santa brought me a "Set it and forget it"

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So what do you guys think? I've had roasts prepared on these before and they have all been wonderful, I guess I just never imagined myself owning anything that is sold on an infomercial, it just seems so "cheesey". Anyway now I have one, and I guess there are two parts to my question. What do chowhounds feel about these contraptions? does this even qualify as cooking? I mean there doesn't seem to be any skill level involved, It's pretty much all done for you, also what are your favorite rubs, injections, differnt types of meats? I want to feel like I had some part in any success that may come out of this thing and I could use some ideas.

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  1. While you're right that there's no skill involved in roasting with a Showtime Rotisserie, so what? You're still buying the meat, sprinkling on the S&P, shoving it onto the spit-rods and turning the machine on. If the end product comes out tasting great, which it will, you get the credit. Just because it's not complicated and it doesn't involve lots of sophisticated technique doesn't make it any less home-cooked. The rotisserie is just another kitchen tool and I, personally, love mine. It leaves me free to concentrate on the rest of the meal and I never have to give it a moment's thought.

    1. I've had mine for a few years and I love it! The best things I've made are pork loin roasts - cut little slits and stuff with a mixture of garlic, sage, rosemary, salt & pepper - and let it rip for about 20 minutes a pound. Turns out great every time. I also recently did a sirloin roast that I rubbed with some French herbed salt - came out tender and delicious. Turkey breasts are great as are whole chickens. The basket is good for burgers, and once I did lobster tails in there. Try it - you will love it.

      1. i had dinner in a restaurant in south beach about 10 days ago..sat next to ron popiel- set & forget owner/founder..among many other gadgets..he seemed pretty cool..but the crowd he was with..lots of botox..face lifts..toupees... bad tans.capped teeth..scarey indeed

        1. I bought mine, and never knew it was an infomercial. I bought the extra large one that you can use outside. The first thing I made was a 20+ plus turkey on it...absolutely delicious. I love mine. I have made pork roasts, tri tips, chickens, turkeys, etc. I especially love it in the summer. I have it outside on the porch, and cook whatever I want, and never heat up the house. Give yours a try, I bet you will absolutely love it. It is like anything else with cooking, you can make it as simple or fancy as you like. I slide fresh herbs under the skin when I do chickens or turkeys. I put garlic in slits all over roast pork, etc. Let us know what you think of it. I would love to hear what you do with it. Cheers...Dawn

          1. I used to own one and I liked it. Mine tended to cook anything over 6 or 7 lbs too well done on the outside while the inside was under done but it made great rotisserie chicken. Just be careful; those ovens get dangerously hot on the outside. (That's why it can heat vegetables on the top.) Never, I repeat, never, "set it and forget it" if there is a child in the house or an adult with more curiosity than common sense.