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Dec 27, 2004 11:49 AM

help save my soup..

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I had three leftover lemon chickens (Hazan) and used them to make a stock of sort- plus the meat.

To the stock, I added more lemon, spinach, brown rice, diced onion, Maldon and black pepper, plus the chicken meat.

How can I - I hate this expression- kick it up a notch??

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  1. Sounds like you might be missing an herbal note. Perhaps some fresh tarragon or rosemary. It might also be nice to deepen the flavor with some dried mushrooms. Or how about a bit of tomatoe paste to make the broth richer.

    1. Carmelized onions, rosemary. And a fresh splash of lemon in each bowl when serving. Sprinkling of parm when serving would be good, too.

      1. fry up some bacon and crumble in? A little smoked pork adds a lot of depth to sauces and soups -- just don't use too much or that will overwhelm the rest.

        1. How 'bout some "Essence" ;-) sorry, couldn't resist.

          I agree with the herbal comment and dried 'shrooms are one of my favorite culinary cure-alls. They bring umami to the table.

          1. My 11-y/o daughter would recommend garlic. Lots of garlic. I'd probably throw in some cumin, too.