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Dec 27, 2004 10:39 AM

meats for a 1 year old with 3 teeth

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Can anyone suggest methods to make meat for my 1 yr. old?

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  1. Recipes using ground meat. Meatballs or meatloaf, for instance. Nice and soft.

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      I used to put the meat/meats on the grind button of the blender for a couple of pulse hits to moosh it down so it was not actually a paste but had some substance. ChowPup grew up to be 6ft 5inches and cuts his own meat now! Good luck.

    2. I fed my daughter roast chicken, organic turkey hotdogs, chicken apple sausages. She managed just fine. She's not thrilled with the texture of ground meat and she spit it out.

      1. Boiled chicken from chicken soup is nice. I second the meatloaf suggestion- my kids enjoy turkey meatloaf now and then.

        1. Well done bacon, so that it crumbles into little pieces when baby chews it, and it's easy finger food. I second the boiled chicken/soup chicken. Lox is also a good soft food (okay, so it's fish, not meat, but it's still protein).

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            i would think twice before giving a 1 yr old highly salted, high fat, meat that is full of sodium nitrate.