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Dec 27, 2004 07:56 AM

Deep-fried whole chickens?

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My mother has had great success making deep-fried turkeys for Thanksgiving and now wants to deep-fry whole chickens in the same fashion, figuring that they'll also turn out delicious and juicy. But I never hear of anyone deep-frying whole chickens. Is there any reason why it can't/shouldn't be done? Or should she just go ahead and fry it up? Please advise...

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  1. I have deep fried whole chickens, as well as cornish hens and pork loin with great success so don't fear, fry at will...

    1. Here's a link to an illustrated site that shows how to do it:


      1. Great topic, I wanted to post this question as well. Thanks! Happy New Year!

        1. ive been deep frying cornish game hens ... well its a very common korean dish, been eating and doing since i can remember. its the easiest to do with game hens cause you dont need a turkey fryer, just a large stock pot.

          btw, in korean they call it a "tong dak" (whole chicken) if you are ever want to order it.