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Dec 27, 2004 03:18 AM

Buffalo wings pt.2

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Thanks for all the great recipes and suggestions for buffalo wings. I got a deep fryer for XMas and what better way to break it in than with buffalo wings.

The margarine really helps. I don't know why. But I made one batch with and one without margarine, and there was a big difference.

Next up for my deep fryer, fish and chips.

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  1. RUB...Congrats on your deep fryer. Is it the fancy kind or the Fry Daddy Variety I have?

    Here's a few suggestions for you...Take a sweet big onion...Slice very thin to get thin rings. Dredge the rings in hot sauce, then in a mixture of white flour, grainy corn meal (not the fine kind), salt and black pepper and fry...They won't take long. Jsut enough of a coating to get a crispy texture yet not a batter.

    Shrimp toast...take Peppridge Farm (only) sandwich white and cut off all the crusts on all 4 sides and then cut each in half on a 45 degree angle. Then take cleaned and devined raw shrimp and chop it up until it is a paste. Add minced ginger, salt, chopped scallions (including the green tops for color) sesame seed oil, pepper and dry sherry (not the cream variety) and a bit of corn starch. Mix it all up and spread it (not too thick) on one side of the bread. Place the other side on a sandwich. Sqeeze down lightly, refrigerate about an hour and just deep fry. Turning frequently so the bread gets done without burning before the shrimp mixture is cooked..

    Serve with duck sauce - Take the bottled stuff and add some applesauce, pimento, garlic, and a mixture of vinegar and sugar...not too much. Just doctor it up to make it taste like your own.

    Enjoy your fryer.

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      It's a Westinghouse 3034 Deep Fryer. I like it a lot. Only buffalo wings, fish, and shrimp will be cooked in this deep fryer.

      1. re: RUBulldog

        Got to check that one out...Never heard of it. Enjoy it.