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Dec 26, 2004 10:40 AM

Payard's Mikado Cake

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I wanted to make a spectacular dessert for yesterday's dinner, so I turned to Francois Payard's "Simply Sensational Desserts" and settled on his Mikado Cake. It was a smashing success, even though I failed miserably at making chocolate "cigarettes" and ended up with simple shavings instead.

Layers of hazelnut meringue, praline paste (I substituted Nutella), bittersweet chocolate mousse and dark chocolate glaze.


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  1. Lovely. It looks from the photo that you also had a quite good bottle of wine.

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    1. re: Nancy

      Indeed. Good eyes. :^}

      1. re: GG Mora

        I too noticed the wine! One of our current favorites! Beautiful cake .... will have to add the book to my collection.

        1. re: GG Mora

          leave it to hounds to survey the entire table. At first I thought you had scanned a food stylist photo from the cookbook, and then I realized it was your table. How festive! I wish I were there now!

          Happy Holidays

      2. I have had great success with the Payard dessert book and highly recommend it. I often make the apricot tea cakes that are sold in the store and featured in the book. However, the recipe called for small papers to bake them in and I found the cakes stuck to them. I emiled payard and he suggested I go to J.B.Prince and purchase flexipans, as that is what they use at the bakery. It was worth doing as the recipe is easy, but delicious and impressive on a dessert buffet.

        1. Your cake is beautiful! Do you think you could post the recipe?