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Dec 26, 2004 08:47 AM


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I got some silicone bakeware for xmas -- a cake pan, cupcake pans, and a loaf pan. Anything I should know/realize before I go ahead and try it out?


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  1. If it/they didn't have a metal frame for them, be careful about their flexibilty when they are full of batter.

    If they do not have a supporting frame, consider placing the cupcake pans on a cookie sheet, etc. while transporting from place to oven. Maybe experiment with water or even jello (something inexpensive) to see how your's perform before the big day of use.

    Also, (for others) the ones that eem like "forms" or "molds" are not great. They lose some of their shape to the weight of the batter.

    Other than that, no complaints.