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Dec 25, 2004 08:42 PM

Buche de Noel Success

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I made the Cake Bible's Buche de Noel for Christmas Eve. It was a success. I used Scraffen Berger chocolate, and cream from Ronnybrook Dairy. I also candied rosemary leaves, made "dirt" out of chocolate wafers and leaves out of pastry. Thanks for all the help.

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  1. You inspired me to make one again this year - and to make it better tasting than before. Also used The Cake Bible recipe - with some twists. Couldn't find hazelnut praline paste, but did find pistachio paste. So, I added toasted ground pistachios to the cake batter, made the Silk Meringue Butter cream - first steeping the milk for the creme anglaise in pistachios, and added some of the pistachio paste to the butter cream. After filling the cake I sprinkled on a layer of ground pistachios. Also added some pistachio paste to the ganache. Crystalized rosemary branches & cranberries for decoration (though some people ate the cranberries), made meringue mushrooms, sprinkled cocoa for dirt, then slivered pistachios (saw them - from Iran - outrageous price at D&D, but perfect pine needles) sprinkled about, and dusted powdered sugar for snow.

    The tastiest buche I've made so far. Congratulations on yours!

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      Likewise. What is so amazing about this dessert is how impressive it looks when all the components are arranged. Most satisfying.

    2. Oh, woe is me.

      I attempted a modified one as well based on the earlier thread. I disregarded the advice to use the cake bible recipe (a cookbook I own, have used regularly, and should have been smart enough to use) and used the MS Living version in the current edition because I loved the idea of a chestnut filling.

      Chestnut filling lovely. The rest of the cake was a disaster. Cake to tender to hold sugar syrup which produced sad misshapen form.

      Then spectacular accident with door/nephew and sliding cake/utter fall-apart.

      I would have been sad if the whole thing hadn't been so funny. The horrified look on my nephews face was worth all of the time involved.

      Next time, I will go with the pros.

      Congrats to all of you.

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      1. re: JudiAU

        Oh - I'm so so sorry - all that work. I had to carry my assembled cake two blocks and insisted on carrying the heavy silver tray myself - would rather drop it myself, than have someone else do so.

        In the past, I used Julia's recipe from The Way to Cook, and switched this time to The Cake Bible. Was about to use imbibing syrup, but at the last minute decided that the cake was already moist enough - and it did crack when I rolled it, but the ganache icing was forgiving in covering it up.

        There is always next year - don't give up!! Did you get a photo before the sad events? I always get some satisfaction out of taking a picture as soon as it is done - and I'm not much of a picture taker!