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Dec 25, 2004 08:17 PM

Black Eyed Peas Recipe

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We normally make Black Eyed Peas for New Years and we are looking for a new recipe.

We normally pre-soak the beans (over night) and then cook them with spicy meat (pastrami or something along those lines), mustard seed, onions, and white pepper.

Any great ideas out there?


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  1. There's an excellent recipe for Hoppin' John, the traditional New Year's good luck dish, in Chef Paul Prudhomme's book, Seasoned America.

    1. j
      janet of reno

      OK, this is going to sound weird, and its probably not easy to find the key ingredient canteloupe this time of year, but many years ago I had an excellent salad made from Black Eyed Peas at at all places, old Candlestick Park. (It was from a vendor just outside the park, actually...). I liked it so much I duplicated the recipe easily:

      Take cooked black eyed peas (I used canned); a cup or two. (a can's worth is about right). Drain and place in a salad bowl. Add a half cut chopped scallions, a cup of canteloupe (seeded and chopped), a Tablespoon or two of chopped parsley, salt, pepper, and toss with your basic vineagrette dressing.
      Taste seasonings and adjust. I know, the combination sounds weird, but it tasted great! Something about the sweet and salty together.....

      1. TexMench, Ironically, this recipe comes from an old flame in Lubbuck, Texas. She called the dish: "Son of a gun":

        Finely chop 2-3 jalapenos
        Finely chop 1 red onion
        Coarsely chop 2 tomatoes (sans seeds)
        Approx. 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
        3-4 tablespoons of sugar
        Black pepper and salt

        Combine all of these ingrediants in a glass bowl large enough to hold a batch of cooked blackeyed peas.

        Taste the "Son of a Gun" for seasoning and adjust the vinegar/sugar ratio to the tartness of your liking.

        Mix with fresh cooked blackeyed peas. (This dish is wonderful with fried chicken and mashed potatoes)

        East on New Year's day and you're in for a great 2005!

        1. Oy weh, Hopalong Mensch, what a waste of good pastrami! If you're gonna do the traditional Hoppin' John thing and add meat, use some cooked poultry or a less revered meat like skirt steak. The skirt steak can be grilled as if it was to be used for fajitas, and then chopped up before being added to the Hoppin' John.

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          1. re: ChiliDude

            The idea behind spicy meat (like pastrami) is to flavor the beans. Otherwise they get pretty bland.

            Besides, calling skirt steak a less revered piece of meat in my house is a capital crime!

            1. re: texasmensch

              Whole Foods (An Austin, TX based company) near Darien, IL sells skirt steak for $12/pound. THAT'S A CAPITAL CRIME!

              As for wasting good pastrami to flavor's your money. Ground chile powder or dried chiles from Pendery's in Fort Worth or fresh chiles from your local tienda is just as good for flavoring bupkas.