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Dec 24, 2004 12:20 PM

3 Pounds of Pecans

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A neighbor called - she has more pecans than she knows what to do with.

Scrolled through this board and didn't find anything - any suggestions?

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  1. Would that we all had that problem! 8-)

    From the home-made gifts thread, below:


    1. Spicy Bourbon Pecans- at the link below. I make them to rave reviews among my spice-loving friends. The cinnamon pecans go over well too.


      1. ummm....pie?

        Another idea is some Basil Pecan Pesto (
        and of course there are always the recipes from the GA Pecan people

        1. In case you don't want to tackle them all at once, they freeze well.

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          1. re: Buttercup

            And if you don't freeze them, they will go rancid on you in a heartbeat.

          2. a
            Anna 'Boo' Carroll

            Happy Holiday Greetings:

            How blessed are you? Do you know what pecans are going for in the stores these days? Free Pecans! Wow.

            There is a book you can get on entitled: NUTTIN' BUT PECANS: A Collection Of Pecan Recipes by Rosie King. Paperback. Lots of pecan recipes. Inexpensive.
            Go to and type in pecans under recipes. They have lots of them.

            You can eat pecans at breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and for a snack. Enjoy! And Happy New Year. Miss Boo