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Dec 24, 2004 12:03 PM

Fast Help Please - Making Unsalted Butter Salted?

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How much salt per 1/2 C should I add? Recipes call for regular butter & I've run out. Thanks & very Happy & Peaceful Holidays to All!!!

P.S. Sorry, moderaters - posted in wrong place first...

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  1. Use unsalted butter and salt to taste before the last step. Recipes calling for 'regular' butter probably mean unsalted, anyhow.

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    1. re: Tatania
      torta basilica

      Well, it's for baking & the recipe calls for butter or margarine, so since most marg is salted, I assume it's assuming salted & I need to compensate!

      1. re: torta basilica

        Hm, well that would rule out salting to taste. I still think a baking recipe would be assuming non-salted fat, but you'll know for sure if the recipe calls elsewhere for salt. If it does, chances are it's assuming sweet butter and you shouldn't add more salt. If it doesn't, assume the butter it's calling for is salted, and you can compensate for your sweet butter by adding an additional approx 3/4t per 2 9" layers of cake. Or whatever's standard in a load of cookies, or whatever. You can also compare your recipe to others for like items, and see the amount of salt called for. In general, a saltless sweet will taste less sweet; a somewhat undersalted sweet will probably be indistinguishable from a correctly salted sweet; an oversalted sweet will be salty - bleh!