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Dec 23, 2004 04:36 PM

Does anyone have a good Cola Ham recipes?

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I'm making a ham for Christmas and want to try this Cola Ham that I keep hearing about. Does anyone have a good recipe for it?

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  1. It's not really a recipe. Just pour an inch or so of co'cola in the bottom of the covered roasting pan when you heat up your ham and use coke instead of water or pineapple juice when you make your glaze.

    Happy Holidays - Kim

    1. I did one from the and it tuned out really well (see my brag post below).

      I would say though I didn't taste much of the allspice, not that it needed it. I used extra zest so my ham turned out more "orangy" which I liked. I didn't baste as often, too busy with other stuff. But I think frequent basting, will impart a lovely "cola note".


      1. Nigella has a recipe, it's on her website -- I've never tried it though.

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          I made Nigella's recipe a couple of Christmases ago. I suggested it to my daughter and when I got to her house she had already purchased a pre-sliced ham so we went ahead and made it with that, but I would suggest an unsliced ham. Also,only full sugar Coke will do. It was pretty good, but watch that you don't overcook it.

        2. Here's a link from that CocaCola ham thread...


          1. I prefer Dr. Pepper over cola, FWIW...

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              The one I made the other day, I used Root Beer (only soda I had with sugar) and Bourbon. It cooked up nice and crispy.