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Dec 23, 2004 09:46 AM

does anyone have a recipe for wintergreen mint patties?

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I used to buy them from Fanny Farmer when I lived in Mpls. They were a flattened pastel mint patty, that looked like someone flattened it with fork tines. They came in wintergreen and some other flavors, I cannot recall. I believe they are a powdered sugar base. Thanks for any recipes you might have...Dawn

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  1. They would be the same as a peppermint patty only with wintergreen. There was a cookie recipe in Gourmet a couple of years ago for wintergreen cookies and the next month there was a big warning not to make or eat them due to the wintergreen oil not being safe, but I can't remember why. I guess you could make a fondant type thing and flavor it with crushed up wintergreen lifesavers or altoids or something - and no, I'm not being facetious. My husband is a confectioner and you would be surprised how many things have crunched up lifesavers/altoids type products in them!

      1. You can make sherbet mints pretty much like antelopes recipe calls for but if you want to make something special, order some mint flavoring oils on line at places like

        Make a white chocolate genache like for truffles then add 8 drops of flavoring per pound of chocolate.
        Mold them into patties and dip them in good chocolate. You will have the "peppermint pattie" on steroids.

        There is a bad side to this. You'll never eat a real peppermint pattie again.