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Dec 22, 2004 04:24 PM

Disposable Aluminum Pans Question

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Hi there. I'm having a bunch of people over for brunch, and don't have the cookware necessary for the dishes I'm making (specifically, a loaf pan for a cake, and a large glass dish for a fritatta).

I was wondering if it would affect the taste or recipe at all to use those disposable aluminnum pans from the supermarket? It's not really an option finacially or spacewise for me to invest in new cooking gear right now. What do you think?

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  1. I just read in Olives or Delicious- can't remember- that Nigella Lawson uses only throw away pans because she hates to do dishes.

    1. You'll be just fine. One suggestion -- with a large aluminum foil pan, the weight of the contents may cause the pan to want to collapse. When putting it into the oven or movinng it around, you might try supporting it underneath with your hand, or with a cookie sheet or tray.

      Also, such items are perennials at garage sales and thrift stores, if you have time for a visit to your local GoodWill. A used Pyrex dish will be as good as a new one unless it's broken.

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        Goodwill is a great idea. Also $.99 stores have pyrex knock offs. This time of year you might be able to find pyrex bake sets for cheap.

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          You need to be careful with really old Pyrex. It has been known to break easily, often while in the oven and filled with whatever creation you were hoping would be perfect. They really pop so you can end up with glass shards in the food.

        2. I use them very frequently. I wash them before using, I usually use them to either save washing a pan, or when taking food somewhere and I don't want to worry about the container.

          I have cooked lasagna (tomato/acid) in them, with no complaints.

          I make my fritattas in omelet pans.