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Dec 22, 2004 04:03 PM

Cooking yucca (moved from General Topics)

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When we lived in New Orleans we frequented a tiny Cuban cafe where we always got the wonderful oxtail stew, a weekend special. My husband's favorite accompaniment was the stewed yucca, which included sliced onions and had a mildly sweet taste and unctuous texture. We live in Phoenix now, and I'm planning to make the oxtail dish for Christmas Eve -- I think I can fairly well duplicate that one, and I'll make black beans and rice. However, all the stewed yucca recipes I've found provide for mixing up a mojo sauce of garlic, lime or sour orange juice, and warm olive oil, and pouring this over the cooked yucca. This doesn't sound like the same dish. I suppose I could just omit the lime juice, but does anybody have a recipe that sounds more like the one my husband is craving?

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  1. Yuca con Mojo is a typical side for Cuban/Puerto Rican meals. And the way it's usually prepared is by boiling the yuca (in salted water) until tender. Then tossing it with the 'mojo' mix and serving warm, room temp, or cold. I wouldn't describe it sweet though. It definitely has acid (lemon, vinegar) 99% of the times ("escabeche" style).
    Probably to achieve the one you desire - sweet - omit any acid (lemon, vinegar - is usually the other ingredient used).
    Sautee sliced onions in some good olive oil until tender/translucent/soft and then toss it with the warm yuca. Try it before you need it with a small amount of yuca as a test. Maybe using a sweet onion (Vidalia) will contribute to the sweetness. Hope this helps.

    1. Here in Tampa, FL, we always find this in our Cuban restaurants; Olive oil, butter, sauted onion, a bit of lemon or lime juice, salt & pepper.De-vein and serve while anticipating the addition of salt & pepper to taste.