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Dec 22, 2004 01:40 PM

Mole poblano de guajolote

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I'm making Diana Kennedy's recipe for Christmas, and I'm seeking suggestions for what else to serve. I'm thinking either rice or blind tamales, refried beans, hot tortillas, guacamole, and maybe something with poblanos, either rajas or rellenos. For drinks I'm thinking dark beer, either Mexican Bohemian or a high alcohol doppelbock, and/or mid-range Rioja. Thoughts?



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  1. I think you need rice, for sure, to soak up the mole sauce. In Puebla you'd see either plain or very lightly seasoned white, tender, long-grained rice. If you made it with a little chicken stock, that would probably be fine.

    The rest of the menu sounds great; I don't know what I'd knock off. We often make grilled, stuffed poblano chiles a la Rick Bayless. It's easy if you can grill outdoors, and can be made ahead and served cold. You're already doing a ton of work, so egg-battered chile rellenos may take you over the top.

    1. sounds lovely! I always like to make rajas con limon to go with a dark mole like this.They provide a nice tart contrast.

      and i, too, would vote for rice...but i've never tried it with blind tamales, that woiuld be wonderful too.

      Beverage note: It took me years to figure this out, but a white wine with some body, like a viognier or un-oaked chardonnay, complements mole (and curries) very nicely. There is an organic spanish wine from Penedes by Can Vendrell that is just beautiful. I find that more often than not, the big smoky flavors in a mole tend to get lost in the big smoky flavors of a Rioja or Zin, and vice versa.

      Buen gusto!

      1. I'v made Diana's Sopa De Hongos Salvajes - a chipotle mushroom cream soup. It's in "Essential Cuisines" and "Cooks Tour of Mexico." I got rave reviews for it both times I've served it on Holidays. And, it isn't too hard.

        I altered the recipe simply by steeping the mushrooms in sherry for a while, and adding the reserved liquid in the sautee. I used oyster, woodear, crimini, and chanterelle mushrooms. It doesn't need the expensive chanterelles - you could use shitake, etc (fresh only).

        You might also consider cajun boudin as your rice dish, if you can find it. I've taken out of the casing, mixed it with feta, stuffed it into poblanos, and roasted. It was absolutely fantastic.

        I haven't had the guts to make that mole - good luck!

        1. Sounds like a great meal. My suggestions would be --

          Carrots, Jalapenos and Onion en Escabeche, they only need 24 hours to marinate. Diana Kenned also has multiple recipes for these.

          Ensalada Noche Buena - basically a fruit and veggie salad garnished with pomegranite seeds. Colorful, and covers a multitude of food groups. Diana Kennedy has recipes for this to.

          A simple tossed hearts of romaine salad garnished with cotija, roma tomates, sliced stuffed green olives, your rajas and a basic viniagrette

          I'd go with the rice as well except I'd saute off a little onion and garlic with the rice and add the juice of a medium sized lime to the stock or water added to the rice.

          I personally would leave off the beans, but if you want to serve them, instead of refritos I'd serve black beans cooked with epazote.

          what's for dessert