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Dec 22, 2004 12:45 PM

all clad boo boo

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I inadvertently boiled water in an All Clad MC2 pot last night with a metal cake round sitting in the bottom of the pan. I only noticed after boiling pasta for 10 minutes that the cake round was there. Cake round and pot now seem to have become one. I don't want to use the word "fused" for fear of its permanent connotation. Does anyone have any idea how to get the metal cake round off of the pot? They've been soaking for a while, and prying the metal cake round with a knife has been unsuccessful.

I will start weeping if I've ruined my MC2 pot. Does anyone have any suggestions how to separate the two?

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  1. Try putting ice water in the cake pan only, let it get cold, and then immerse the pot in hot or boiling water. Hopefully the cake pan will contract slightly due to the cold and will remain so while the pot expands after absorbing heat from the water bath. Invert and bang out the pan.

    Part of the problem of getting the cake pan out is if the two are very flat and have good contact, then atmospheric air pressure will make the cake pan hard to pull off. That's why you may have to jolt the cake pan out (use a dish towel as a cushion).

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      i actually have another all-clad mishap to inquire about. my husband used an all clad skillet and somehow the inside is not coated with this yellow and brown layer. i have SCRUBBED and SCRUBBED (used bon ami) but i've met with little to no success. has this happened ot anyone else? what is it and how do you remedy it? i have no idea what my husband did that cuold result in this.

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        Is this pan stainless steel on the inside or is it anodized? If it is stainless steel on the inside try Dawn Power Dissolver. The yellow stuff is probably cooked on grease or oil.

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          The stuff I use on my all clad (recommended by all clad) is Bar Keeper’s Friend. It is often available at the grocery store or Target. It is designed for use on stainless steel and it can work miracles.