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Dec 20, 2004 11:28 PM

Non-instant dry milk?

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I want to try adding it to homemade yogurt for a creamier product--especially when using fresh goat milk. Where do I find it? Thanks!

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  1. Some health food stores carry it. In my nieghborhood, one store has it, the other's never heard of it!

    King Arthur Flour sells dried whole milk, $4.25 for an 8 oz bag. Here's the catalog copy:
    Dried Whole Milk
    Add richness and flavor to bread and other baked goods, yogurt, and homemade ice cream with Dried Whole Milk -- just as it comes from the cow, sans water. In 8-ounce bag.


    1. What's the difference between "non-instant" dried milk and regular dried milk?

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        "non-instant" needs to be cooked to dissolve properly. I've heard it tastes better than instant dry milk.

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          Since most people don't like the taste of cooked milk, I'm dubious, but to each his own! I've been thinking about making my own yogurt, so I'll be interested to hear how your experiment comes out.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            I have used dried whole milk to give body to homemade yogurt. I have never seen "non-instant" dry milk. Dried whole milk has more flavor than non-fat and is somewhat more prone to spoilage because of the fat.