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Dec 20, 2004 03:03 PM

Lemon Pudding Cake

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Does anyone have a recipe for a lemon pudding cake (or the like) which uses homemade pudding instead of a pudding mix? A friend remembers this as his special birthday cake from childhood but no one from his family ever wrote the recipe down. I would like to recreate this as a birthday surprise for him. Many Thanks.

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  1. I'm kind of famous for lemon pudding cake. I follow exactly the recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook. Sometimes for fancier presentation, I make it in individual ramekins. My only secret is that I only make it when I can get Meyer lemons.

    1. Gourmet's Best Dessert's has a recipe I've made many times and enjoyed.

        1. I'm actually currently trying the different ones from EPI. I was hoping a custard pudding cake expert reading this link might be able to help:

          I seem to always have a lot more custard than sponge. The recipes I use don't beat the egg whites with some of the sugar; the whites are beaten alone then folded into the milk-lemon-sugar-yolk-flour mixture before baking, as i want a sponge, not a merignue, top.

          My quest: I want to get more sponge than custard.

          How do I do this? should i add more flour, use a water bath for only some of the cooking? any thoughts? Different recipes all seem to be a bit low on sponge, high on custard.

          Thanks in advance!

          1. I made this for our Easter dessert this past year, with macerated sliced fresh strawberries on top...not a drop was left. Very light tasting and refreshing but not sure if it's what you are looking for. Lemon Pudding Cake from Epicurious link below.