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Dec 20, 2004 02:21 PM

stovetop milk steamer--a better way to froth?

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I'm looking for a better method than a rotating frother or a French press to make the froth that my boyfriend loves with his coffee (it's half coffee, half milk) every morning. On, there is an aluminum stovetop milk steamer. Has anyone tried this? Since it's more than half the size of one of my burners, won't the plastic handle melt? How is there ample room to hold the frothing pitcher beneath the stream wand? Are these things safe?

I'd love to make steamed milk that is soft, with barely visible bubbles, that actually mixes into the coffee a bit. Too bad we're not fans of espresso, or I'd buy a machine. Help!

~Lucy in the kitchen

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  1. In the NYTimes a month ago, Marion Burros recommended the Primo frother, and it seems to be getting accolades from other users. Good luck!

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      Thanks for the well wishes! Actually, I've had the Primo Latte frother for a few months now, and I have a couple of complaints about it. The batteries run out very quickly, I have to pop the milk in the micowave (which dries out the foam a bit) and, to me, the resulting frothed milk simply doesn't compare to the lucious foam and flavor that steaming produces. Guess I'll keep looking!

    2. If it's like half a mocca pot, I had one of those -- the handle doesn't melt because it has slanted sides. However, I never thought it was that great in the frothing department. I gave mine away.

      I now use a Bonjour frother daily. I got it as a gift and I thought it looked cheap and gadgety, but it works like a charm. Especially when you start with cold milk and a cold container.

      And it's pretty inexpensive.


      1. I'm seriously looking at a stovetop milk steamer. If the foam is anywhere near decent I'll save a fortune.
        Is there much difference between the aluminum and steel models?

        Rockie in the parlour with a lead pipe.