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Dec 20, 2004 01:30 PM

How long can these brownie-like cookies keep?

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I want to make these (see link) chocolate cookies from Claudia Fleming's The Last Course cookbook, but wonder how long they might keep in a tin.

What do you think?


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  1. personnaly, I think they might keep a long time, since they seem to be mostly chocolate.

    for comparison, I made basic extremly fudgey brownies (much more butter than your recipe), froze, and mailed in an ice-laden cooler to Iraq. My friend was on a mission that got delayed and when he finally got back to base and the brownies, they were 3-4 weeks old. He said they were great. I noted that the toll house cookies I sent were not mentioned, so those must not have faired as well.

    Good luck.

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      I make a dozen diffferent cookies every Chistmas, every type from rainbow to pignolia meringue, and ship them to my family all over the country. So I have to start making them at least 2 weeks before Christmas. I put them in airtight tins or tupperware, and keep them in the garage as much as possible: the ones I keep for myself are still good for New Years. I also helped a friend make thousands of butter cookies once (for retail purposes), and I think he made them in November sometime. He said he always did it that way and they were fine! He just kept them in the storage room, which was sort of coolish.

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        Advance prep can be done to excess, however.

        Someone I know (no names) makes cookies long, long in advance, packages them in shirt boxes and freezes them. I think you know just how airtight a shirt box is, and thus, just how edible those cookies are. *guilty evil grin*

    2. I make these every year for my husband's staff meeting along with a number of other cookies. I have kept them for over a week in a tin. Instead of the chocolate chips I have used chopped hazelnuts in the cookies on occasion. You really do need a stand mixer to make them because the eggs do have to beat for 15 minutes.

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      1. re: Candy
        ChowFun (derek)

        If you remember the Brownie cookies that Pepperidge Farm used to make? (they were a favorite!) Are these at all similar to those in texture?

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          I never had the PF brownie cookies so I cannot compare. These are light but have a little bit if chew to them, not cakey or dense.