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Dec 20, 2004 09:56 AM

Cooking Clementines?

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I bought a box of the most beautiful, sweet Clementines, no seeds, of course. I was wondering if anyone ever cooks them? It *seems* like a possibility, but I'm at a loss for ideas. Thanks as always!

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    Caitlin Wheeler

    Nigella Lawson has a clementine cake recipe that's really excellent -- you basically boil the clementines, and then puree them peels and all. The cake is flourless -- calls for ground almonds, and just gets moister. It's a great thing to keep around during the holidays.


    1. Nigella Lawson has a clementine cake recipe where you cook the clementines until soft (2 hours). Then you chop it up--skins and all--in a food processor, addingeggs, sugar, ground almonds, and baking powder. It's a great moist cake, that gets better with time.

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      1. re: JenniferG

        Leave it to Nigella! Thank you both for this terrific (and easy) sounding cake. I won't even have to peel the Clementines! All I need are the almonds. Should I blanch them?

        1. re: Pat Hammond
          Caitlin Wheeler

          Pat -- yes, the almonds should be blanched. I like to buy the slivered ones and toast them a little first.

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            That's what I'll do too. Thanks again

      2. there's a recipe for clementine salsa floating around on the web somewhere . . .

        as for me I'd much rather have 'em straight up.

        1. I'm thinking marmalade. Mmmm. Marmalade.

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          1. re: bryan

            Actually, anyone have a good clementine marmalade recipe?

            I wanted to make this one

            (Christine Ferber, sooo expert) but it weirdly calls for Apple Jelly?? Could that be replaced with straight pectin? Anyone know how much?

            Or other good clementine marmalade recipes? Would a regular orange marmalade recipe work?

          2. Query for the food scientists among us: I love the clementine cake and have made it several times. The last time I bought them, I was brought up short by this text on the bag: "Coated with food grade vegetable, beeswax and/or lac-resin-based wax or resin to maintain freshness. Thiabendazole and/or Imazortho-phenyl and/or Imazilil, used as fungicides." I don't recall seeing this on other clementine packaging, but perhaps labeling requirements differ by country; these were from South Africa, and others were from Portugal.

            I'm less concerned with the first sentence than the second with the fungicide information. Since the recipe calls for using the entire clementine -- pulp *and* peel (removing only the seeds/pips one occasionally finds), since I don't have access to organic clementines, and since I serve this to family and friends, I'd like to know whether I should remove this from my repertoire. I'd be disappointed, but I'd like to not worry!

            While I'm asking, can anyone point to a metropolitan NYC or mail-order source for organic clementines I could call on when the season rolls 'round again?