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Dec 20, 2004 09:36 AM

Recipe for lemon semi freddo???????????

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I'm looking for a recipe for lemon semi freddo. Thought it would be a grand finale to our Christmas Eve crab-fest. Thanks.

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  1. I'm not sure if this will help too much, but I'm pretty sure that there is a recipe for a lemon semi freddo in one of Nigella Lawson's cookbooks. Her recipes are generally fairly straightforward.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: Katie

      I found a recipe on line for her honey semi freddo but not for lemon. Can you share the one you have? Thanks.

      1. re: JoAnn

        Here's one...incredibly basic, I know, but it's good and I make my own lemon curd and use 2 cups for this recipe, so that fancies it up a bit. I skip the coconut macaroons and use crunched up meringues.

        Title: Italian Lemon Semifreddo
        Yield: 12 Servings


        1 cn lemon pie filling
        1 c whipping cream; whipped
        1 pt lemon sorbet; softened
        1 pk soft coconut macaroons;
        -coarsely crumbled


        1. Place pie filling in a large bowl. Fold whipped cream into pie
        until nearly blended.

        2. Gradually add spoonfuls of sorbet, mixing at low speed until blended.

        Reserve 1 cup macaroon crumbs; fold remaining crumbs into whipped cream

        3. Pour mixture into 13x9-inch (3 quart) baking dish. Top with reserved
        macaroon crumbs. Cover tightly with foil. Freeze at least 4 hours or
        overnight until firm.

        4. Before serving, refrigerate 1 hour or let stand at room temperature
        30 minutes or until slightly thawed. Cut into squares. Store in freezer.

        RECIPE FACT: Semifreddo means "half cold" in Italian. In cooking.
        semifreddo refers to chilled or partially frozen desserts often made
        cake, custard, fruit and/or whipped cream.

        MAKE_AHEAD TIP: Semifreddo is ideal for entertaining because it must be
        made in advance and frozen. Prepare this recipe up to one week ahead.
        the semifreddo to stand at room temperature 20-30 minutes before

        MAKE IT SPECIAL: For a special garnish, top each square of semifreddo
        a dollop of whipped cream.

        Contributor: Pillsbury's Cooking with Ground Beef Cookbook

        1. re: Cyndy

          Thank you for the recipe. I made this for our crab-fest and it was delicious! I couldn't find the lemon pie filling so I used lemon curd. I used a combination of the coconut macaroons and lemon meringues and threw in some crushed lemon candies, too, for some crunch (all from TJs).

        2. re: JoAnn

          Thanks. I'm going to make a trial batch this afternoon.