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Dec 20, 2004 08:36 AM

help help help cake for 70!

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Am throwing a party with 3 other people in Jan, and just found out that while venue is doing food, they won't be doing the cakes. I am NOT a cake expert at all - must be at least 10 years since last made a birthday cake. I don't even think I have the tools - I don't own a hand mixer, any cake pans are going to have to be disposable foil ones.

I was looking at the chocolate guiness recipe - could that make a sheet cake? Also, I think (and yes I am crazy) I need to make both chocolate and non chocolate cake, no? Or is chocolate cake the gold standard and to hell with anyone who doesn't want it?

And lastly, what about frosting? Here in UK there is a premade frosting by Cadbury's - might be ok - anyone know?

Oh, and decorating - how do I write on the cake?

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  1. A lot of catering places here in US don't do cakes either, but people usually go to their favorite bakery and have what they need baked for them..maybe they'd even deliver it for you? Unless you REALLY want to make your own.