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Dec 20, 2004 08:25 AM

Blini recipe; do I need a special pan?

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The Beloved has told me he wants to get caviar for NYE, and splurge on that instead of going out...makes sense to me!
I want to make blini to go with them...Anyone have a tried and true recipe and method? Do I need a special pan? Thanks....


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  1. I have a special pan for them - nonstick - and I do think it probably makes them a lot easier to make - uniform size etc. Am looking for my recipe - haven't made them for years and plan to make them for Christmas Eve. The Cake Bible has a buckwheat recipe, but I'm not fond of buckwheat. Will post when I dig up the recipe.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      1 3/4 cup milk (can use any kind)
      1 env. dried yeast
      1 tsp. granulated sugar
      2 cups sifted, unbleached all purpose flour
      2 large eggs, separated
      1/2 tsp salt
      1/4 cup cream

      Mix 1 cup milk, yeast, sugar, 1 cup flour and let rise loosely covered for 1 hour at room temp.

      Gradually add the rest of the flour, egg yolks and then remaining milk.

      Whip egg whites to soft peaks in electric mixer at high speed.

      Whip cream at med. high speed until it begins to mound.

      Fold egg whites & cream into each other.
      Slowly pour batter into this mixture, whisking constantly but gently. Let stand another hour at room temp before using.

      Grease pan w/ oil & paper towel, even if non stick. (You can use a Plett pan - for swedish pancakes). Preheat on stovetop for five minutes on high heat. Depending on size of pan, drop spoonfuls or more of batter until bubbles start to break on uncooked side, which should still look wet. Turn blinis w/ spatula and finish cooking. Total cooking time 1 1/2 - 2 min on first side, 1 min second side.

      Cake Bible says that you can make up to 3 days ahead and reheat, covered, at 300 degrees for 10 - 15 minutes, but best fresh.

      Makes 36 3 inch Blinis.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Ooh, I do like this make ahead concept....Could I use a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet, do ya think?


        1. re: galleygirl

          I don't know - as an aside, one thing the Cake Bible said was not to use an electric griddle b/c doesn't get hot enough. If I were you, I'd try a couple in both the cast iron pan and in a non-stick frying pan (that's what I use for regular pancakes) and see which ones turn out better. If you do them ahead that shouldn't be too much of a pain - one more pan to wash! Let me know which works better if you try both.

    2. Here's the recipe I used last year though instead of caviar I used salmon roe

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      1. re: mt

        Thanks, MT, these could give the buckwheat concept a run for their money....


      2. Galleygirl,

        True Blini are made from buckwheat. If I remember correctly, they also contain yeast. I never had a special pan, but non-stick helps a lot.

        I haven't made these in years, but used to do them for New Years. With caviar and a little sour cream.

        They are easy to make, and delicious. I am sorry not to have a recipe for you, I am at the office . . . .

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        1. re: Seattle Rose

          I was kinda hoping for a buckwheat recipe, since the SO likes it on brown bread...Of course, I do have til NYE, so, if you find yourself at home....;)


          1. re: galleygirl


            I found this Gourmet recipe on Epicurious. It sounds just about right.


            1. re: Seattle Rose

              Yum! The SO just informed me he preferred buckwheat; now I can tell HIM he needs to get me three different caviars....(VBG)


        2. f

          I don't think you need a fancy blini pan, but . . .

          I just did buckwheat blini a couple months ago using the recipe from epicurious. I used my biggest nonstick skillet. They turned out wonderful, but the first batch or two weren't perfect since my biggest nonstick skillet is an inexpensive one, not an All-Clad like my other pans. The cheap skillet just doesn't heat as evenly as the nicer ones. Oh well. Luckily there were only four of us so we had plenty of blini. (I made them earlier in the afternoon before the guests arrived and refrigerated them, let them come to room temperature before serving. They were great--we got three kinds of caviar from Tsar Nicoulai to go with them, plus creme fraiche and chives from our garden.)

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          1. re: farmersdaughter

            I've got a cheapo nonstick, and the cast-iron...there's only two of us, so I can try both....

            To you, and to Seattle Rose, did you do the overnite rising of the dough in the frig to get that sourdough taste?


            1. re: galleygirl

              I made the blini batter early the morning of the party so didn't get the benefit of a full "sour"-y rise overnight, but the blini were very flavorful (although that may have been the buckwheat more than anything else) . . .