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Dec 20, 2004 06:33 AM

Is it pork? Is it ham? And, what do I do with it?

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This item from Publix is labeled "Pork Leg (Fresh Ham) top cutlet, thin sliced." I know how to cook pork cutlets, and I know what to do with ham, but not sure what this is. It looks like veal scaloppine as to shape and color.

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  1. Coyote, Buy some imported Greyere` cheese, butter and flat leaf parsley and make yourself a very nice Cordon Bleau.

    1. Sounds like schnitzle to me.

      1. How about some Indiana tenderloins? You can pound them flat, bread them, and fry them. Serve them with lettuce and tomato and your favorite condiment on a large roll for a lunch time treat.

        1. To answer your first two questions -- it is both, all ham is pork but not all pork is ham. Now as to ham there are several types out there. Most people think of the cured variety when they think of ham (like baked ham) but it also comes corned (southern Maryland stuffed)& fresh (great for smoking on the grill). The ham is in fact the back leg of the pig. What you have is fresh ham, never been processed in any way, so treat it as you would any other fresh pork product.

          1. Most people think ham is only the back thighs of a pig. Well, that is typical american thinking about hogs.

            Because this is from the leg(thigh?) marketers are trying to convince you to buy it by selling it as 'fresh ham'. Ham it is not(exactly), at least not yet, and since it was scallopped, it may never really be, unless you want to do your own version of salt and/or smoke, but otherwise what you have is pork scallops(scallopini) or 'cutlets'. And since you state that you know what to do with pork cutlets, proceed with your favorite recipe as you desire.