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Dec 20, 2004 12:32 AM

Homemade Powdered Sugar?

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Here it is, holiday baking season, and I am reminded once again just how much I dislike the powdered sugar sold at the supermarkets. It has cornstarch in it and I can taste it. I think I once heard or read about making powdered sugar at home using a food processor. Has any one out there done this successfully? If so, could you share the secrets of your success with the rest us? TIA

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  1. I once didnt have powdered sugar at a critical moment, and having no food processor, I just put some sugar in the blender and pulsed away. It came out perfectly fine

    1. I just made a cookie recipe out of Cook's Illustrated Best Recipes, and in lieu of commerical powdered sugar, it called for regular sugar, pulsed for a minute in a food processor.

      The end result appeared to be about the consistency of commerical powdered sugar without the starchy taste, but I had a hard time getting it off the sides of the bowl. Still, it seemed to work fine and the cookies were quite good.

      1. I've put both regular and superfine sugar in a food processor (the miniprep) to try this. It took longer then a minute and the consistency was never there. Some was powdered, some was still grainy, just finer grains. Also, a little wisp of sugar smoke would waft up through the holes in the lid. At first I was wondering what was smoking but finally figured out it was just sugar.

        I have read that putting sugar in a rock tumbler with ball bearings will do it.

        1. Hi,

          I have used my coffee grinder to make powdered sugar.