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Dec 19, 2004 11:36 PM

Gourmet Holiday Gift Bags..................

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Hi there. I am making about 10 food gift bags to give as for the holidays. I have a marathon assembly day planned for tomorrow. Here's what's in them..........I would love to here what you think........if this would be something that you'd enjoy..........and anything that you would like to have been included. Each item will be individually and uniquely wrapped and include a card w/ what it is and, and if needed, an expanation/recipe idea.
1. Mason jar filled w/ homemade Queso Blanco marinated in olive oil, dried red pepper flakes and herbs de provence.
2. Mini nutmeg cheesecake for 2
3. Candied orange peel, half dipped in bittersweet chocolate.
4. Mini toll house cookies
5. Candied ginger pecans
6. Classic milk chocolate/marshmallow fudge.
A little on the sweet side, I know. I am planning on wrapping the whole package in clear cellophane and tying w/ a festive holiday bow. What do you think? Any lat minute changes or additions are appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. WOW! The ten people on your list are very lucky!

    1. are you willing to share how you made the candied ginger pecans?

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        You beat me to the question! Everything sounds great, but those particularly stood out.