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Dec 19, 2004 09:58 PM

Can I make gravy ahead of time?

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There was an earlier thread, around Thanksgiving, in which one chowhounder said he makes turkey gravy ahead of time.

I am making a goose and a standing rib roast for Saturday. How would I go about making gravy---or as many components of the gravy as I can---ahead of time?

I wouldn't mind buying a few extra beef bones and chicken parts if I can start the gravy days in advance.

Will it really matter if I don't use the actual drippings from the pan that very day? Can I just freeze them for another time?

Okay, experienced gravy-makers, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. I make my gravy ahead every year. I just roast turkey wings (substitute meaty beef bones for beef gravy)with veggies, then simmer them in stock (I use a low salt packaged variety) until tender. Defat the stock, make a roux and make the gravy with that. I always make it thinner than regular gravy and let it simmer a long time in my BIG iron skillet. With turkey gravy, I add the shredded wing meat back in. I then freeze it and thaw and heat the day of the meal. At the last minute, I add any defatted juices from the actual meat to add flavor. I should add that I am the official gravy maker in my family now and that everyone who tastes my gravy makes it like that now! Happy Holidays! Kim

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      This Thanksgiving, we made a broth from necks/gizzards etc. the day before, and a roux in the morning. Then at serving time put it all together + drippings. It was delicious and easier than in past years!