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Dec 18, 2004 01:26 PM

Fondue meal

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I'm making fondue (both cheese and chocolate) and I'm wondering what else to serve with it. I would also love any recipes for either and ideas for what to dip. Thanks!

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  1. Went to a party last night where there was milk and dark chocolate fondue and for dipping we had mini marshmallows, dried apricots, small white chocolate chip cookies, bananas, grapes, and clementine sections

    1. If you can find some fresh cherries they are terrific in chocolate fondue as is fresh sweet pineapple.

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        I think you should just do a green salad with bitter greens and a sharp dressing to offset the richness of the cheese. And make sure you use some blanched broccoli spears and potato wedges for the cheese fondue, rather than just bread cubes.

        1. Sliced apple is nice with the cheese fondue. Chunks of poundcake work well with the chocolate fondue.

          1. What fun a fondue party is. We did it for NewYears last year and it was a big hit. Along with the cheese, we served a good french bread, apples, boiled potatoe chunks,pretzels(yes pretzels, really good) and small sausages. With the chocolate fondue we had angel food cake, soft sugar cookies, pretzels(yes, again) strawberries, pineapple, bananas, and star fruit. I'm sure anything you use will be good----enjoy!